2019 Loveland Business Enhancement & Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Volunteer Awards


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City Council members are asked to submit nominations for the 2019 Loveland Business Enhancement Award and the 2019 Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Volunteer Award.  Nominations should be submitted to the Clerk of Council at or before the March 26 City Council meeting.  Awards will be presented at the April 9 City Council meeting.


Loveland Business Enhancement Award – LCO §155.07(l)

The Loveland Business Enhancement award is given to a business in the City of Loveland.  The recipient(s) will have demonstrated an increase in business, increase in the number of employees on the payroll and exhibited the most effort to enhance the esthetics of their property through a combination of renovation, building additions, painting or beautification projects. 


Past recipients include:

§         Ken Marcotte’s professional Auto Service owned by Ken Marcotte (2000)

§         School Tools owned by Joel and Lisa Collins (2001)

§         The Loveland Mill owned by Amy Goode and Peggy Tanis (2002)

§         John Hill Construction owned by John Hill (2003)

§         Curves for Women owned by Paul Amato and Jennifer Haddox (2004)

§         The Works owned by Scott and Jamie Gordon (2005)

§         Loveland Building and Remodeling owned by Neal Oury (2005)

§         DeVol Construction Services owned by Jeff DeVol (2006)

§         Eads Fence Company owned by Dale Eads (2007)

§         Loveland Chiropractic Offices owned by Jeffery Kemmet (2008)

§         KOI Warehouse, Inc owned by Dan Wesselman (2009)

§         Receptions Loveland owned by Dan Goebel (2009)

§         London Computer Systems, Inc. owned by David Hegeman (2009)

§         Tano Bistro and Catering, owned by Gaetano and Gina Williams (2010)

§         Whistle Stop Clay Works, owned by Tim O’Grady and Kay Bolin (2011)

§         The Works owned by Scott and Jamie Gordon (2012)

§         Loveland Farmers Market (2013)

§         Tufts Schildmeyer Family Funeral Homes (2013)

§         Take Home Tano, owned by Gaetano and Gina Willaims (2014)

§         Paxton’s Grill, owned by Kevin Eagan, Tom Powers, J.R. Hassett, J.T. Irwin & Ralph Dunnigan (2015)

§         Loveland Dairy Whip, owned by Rick and Teresa Morgan (2016)

§         Fischer Process Industries, owned by Ken Fischer (2017)

§         Cappy’s Craft Wine & Spirits, owned by Ben Capodagli (2018)

§         Narrow Path Brewing Co., owned by Chad Powers, Greg Snow, Michael Powers, Kathryn Muldowney (2018)


Louis G. Rockwood Community Service Volunteer Award - LCO §115.07(h)

The Rockwood award seeks to recognize the time and accomplishments of volunteers serving the City.  No Council Member, member of the City administration or employee or paid consultant shall be eligible to receive the award.   Please provide a brief history or resume of the person you nominate. 


Past recipients include:


Don Books (1987)

Helen Steinkolk (1988)

Howard A. Miller (1989)

Owen Donahue (1990)

Cindy Kessler (1991)

Karl Brown (1992)

Bob Williams (1993)

Patricia Furterer (1994)

Marshall Burtt (1994)

Stanley L. McCoy (1995)

Keith Shurts (1996)

Bonnie Rae Bauer (1997)

Ronald V. Boike (1997)

Loveland Firefighters Assoc. (1998)

Helen Noris (1999)

George Anderson (2000)

Ronald Binegar (2001)

Joe Theil (2002)

Mary McDonnell (2003)

Norman Neal (2004)

Cecil Bauer (2005)

Peggy Goodwin (2006)

Loveland Inter Faith Effort (2007)

Kathryn Sidney (2008)

Dale Eads (2009)

Bill Hounshell (2010)

Doris Osborne (2011)

Carolyn Bingaman (2012)

Katherine Undercoffer (2013)

Larry Hawk (2014)

Martin Schickel ( 2015)

Jeff Williams (2016)

Amy Van Strien (2017)

Kay Bolin (2018)