Bike Trail Lighting Upgrade


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During the 2019 budgeting process, which includes the selection of projects to be added to the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), we identified a needed improvement to the “Shepherd Hook” style lighting along the bike trail in the downtown district. The lighting fixtures run along the bike trail from the Nisbet Park restrooms to the Broadway Street crossing (shown in red below).


In conjunction with the construction of Sweetheart Lane, completed in 2018, the Loveland Symmes Firefighters Association, upgraded the lights within the vicinity of their project (shown in blue below) with new hoods, LED fixtures and upgraded electrical outlets. These upgrades would serve as the model for the improvements to the remaining lights which line the trail and the development of the cost included in the CIP.



The remaining twenty-four (24) lighting fixtures, along with not being LED, are often not illuminated requiring regular attention, blocked by growth and include electrical outlets which are unsafe.



In addition to the upgrade of the trail lighting and electrical outlet replacement along the trail, the project includes addressing a lack of lighting concern leading out of the Linda J. Cox Trailside Parking Area. This concern will be addressed by removing one of the existing street lighting fixtures at the Broadway Street crossing (see below) and relocating it across Broadway Street to add enhanced lighting to the southside of the trail.

It is our opinion, that this relocation can be accomplished without reducing the lighting along the trail on the north side of Broadway Street as this area benefits from spillover lighting from the Loveland Station parking lot.

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In 2017, the City upgraded its streetlighting in the downtown district which was followed by new lighting installed on East Loveland, Harrison Avenue and a portion of Karl Brown Way. Meanwhile, as pedestrian traffic in the downtown district continues to expand at the same time the City encourages parking at the Linda J. Cox Trailside Parking Area, it is important that we enhance our lighting to increase safety and a sense of comfort to our visitors and residents. The proposed project accomplishes this by adding dependable, properly placed, energy efficient lighting along areas which witnesses heavy pedestrian traffic. Please note that the project does not include clearing of growth which blocks the illumination of specific fixtures, this will be completed by Public Works. The quote also does not include painting of the poles.


As we prepared for the commencement of the trail lighting upgrade, we also identified other needed improvements including an increase of the lighting in the area at the entrance into and around the Nisbet Park restrooms, which has become another lack of lighting concern, the replacement of the failed spot light at the Nisbet Park flag pole, and the need to add a blue light to the emergency call button located along the trail at the end of Railroad Avenue. The result is a cost estimate which brings the project total over the $15,000 spending threshold.


Not included in the total project scope is the upgrade of the sixteen (16) Shepherd Hook light poles and outlets within Nisbet Park.  This project will be deferred to the 2020 CIP.  Additionally, the City is preparing to submit for ODNR NatureWorks funding for a revitalization of the Nisbet Park Restrooms.  If successfully funded, this project would also be completed in 2020 resulting in significant improvements to the park next year.


Fiscal Impact

Per the attached quote, the total project cost for the trail lights and needed improvements in Nisbet Park is $15,680.  This exceeds the CIP budgeted amount by $680.  The excess funding will be utilized from the Parks & Leisure, Operations account, materials and supplies line item (13.41.5323) as shown on page 145 of the City’s 2019 Operating Budget.  This line item has adequate funding to absorb the unbudgeted surplus amount of $680.



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