Resolution authorizing participation in a joint initiative to promote energy efficiency improvements and solar power installations for residential households in the City of Loveland


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WHEREAS, the City of Loveland has a vested interest in the on-going investment and improvement of its residential housing stock;


WHEREAS, the Get Efficient residential energy efficiency program exists to assist homeowners identify, evaluate, and invest in energy efficiency improvement opportunities within their home;


WHEREAS, the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance ("GCEA") is a nonprofit organization operating both the Get Efficient and Solarize Cincy programs for the purpose of facilitating investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy;


WHEREAS, the Get Efficient and Solarize Cincy program services are available to residents at no cost, and;


WHEREAS, GCEA, through the execution of an “End User Agreement” attached hereto and shown as exhibit “A”, is seeking assistance from the City of Loveland to help promote these programs to residents through its existing communication channels, community correspondence, and social media outlets.


              NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Loveland, Hamilton, Clermont and Warren County, Ohio, that:


              Section 1.              The City Manager be and is hereby authorized and directed to enter into an “End User Agreement”, attached hereto and shown as exhibit “A”, with Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance to assist residents who desire to improve energy efficiency in their homes.


              Section 2.               Council hereby finds and determines that all formal actions relative to the passage of this legislation were taken in an open meeting of this Council, and that all deliberations of this Council and of its committees, if any, which resulted in formal action, were taken in meetings open to the public, in full compliance with applicable legal requirements, including Section 121.22 of the Ohio Revised Code.


              Section 3.               That this resolution shall take effect from and after the earliest time allowed by law.








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